Some Humor

I have a couple fears. 1. Roller coasters 2. The dark 3. The dentist.

I know they are trying to help me keep all my teeth, and it’s their job, but I still get a nervous sweat, dilated pupils, and all fainty.
I had to get a minor procedure done. Really not a big deal. I decided on wanted laughing gas and a shot. The laughing gas was to get me a little loopy before they put a shot in my mouth.
I haven’t had laughing gas for quite awhile, and I thought, this will be great. I’ll be totally out of it and then it will be over.
Well I was totally out of it. I was high and nauseous when my mom picked me up. I felt sick like I had been on a merry go round. I got in the car, my mom took one look at me and promptly had me recline the passenger seat in the car. I apparently ( I don’t really remember this at all) started bawling and then laughing and then crying again. When my mom asked me what was wrong, I told her that I apparently blurted out that my husband was dead to the dentist and the assistant. When she told me several hours later, I was a little mortified. They already knew I was a widow, so it was probably no surprise to them. However yelling it at them while high on laughing gas was probably a little odd.
I had to go back in the same day to correct something they did. When the dentist walked in, he started laughing and said, well you certainly look better and definitely off drugs.

Next time no laughing gas for me.


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