A dash of bittersweet

So summer is wedding season. Weddings everywhere. I love weddings. I love what they symbolize. I love watching couples in love. How excited they are to get married. The whole thing. It’s beautiful.

I was having a pretty good day. Lately been a little teary eyed at almost anything. It’s summer and I sometimes feel alone. And I miss him.
My mom recruited me to help her get a bridal shower set up for my sisters good friend. The friend is young and getting married in a couple months.
I didn’t hesitate, I love wedding stuff.
Then it happened. I was fluffing up a sparkly pom pom decoration thing. It all came back.
Our day. My wedding dress. The excitement. The love. I started crying. It reminded me of my wedding day. That stupid sparkly thing just set me off. My mom, very sweetly said I didn’t need to help, I could go take a break. But honestly, it’s good to cry. It’s good to remember and it’s good to keep moving. So I kept helping. That’s the best medicine. Cry. Let it out. And don’t give in to wallowing. Only sometimes.

Every bride deserves her day.

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