The first post!

Where to begin-

Being a widow is hard. Being a young widow is hard. It’s sad and sometimes depressing. And might I mention- awkward. Yep. It is. Nothing is more awkward than being a widow. I am twenty five. I’m in the age of marriage, child-bearing, house buying, career getting years. I had all those plans in mind. But then life happened. It sounds cheesy but it did. And now it’s upside down. But I promise that this is not a wholey depressing blog. I don’t want sympathy or I’m sorry’s. I had alot of those seven months ago. This is a blog about being re-born, discovering myself and trying to move on the best that I can. And learning to laugh again. And have fun.

I got married at twenty two. I was married for two years and six weeks. Some people say that it was cut really short. And yeah, I looked at it that way for a bit. It was short and bittersweet. I married my best friend. Life happens and things happen. Not to get too engrossed in it, but he couldn’t bear the weight or worries of this world. And that is that. I am lucky in the respect that I know what love is. And I am still a romantic. I believe in eternal happiness. Although I know life isn’t a fairy-tale. Obviously I know that now.

SO- here I am. Seven months later. Living with my parents. Trying to rebuild and move on. And it’s interesting because when you think you’re all done growing up, you’re not. When you think you’re right where you need to be, you’re not. I have learned more in the past year than I have learned in my whole life. I wasn’t given a choice. Life isn’t fair. It sometimes sucks. But I try to find beauty in it everyday. Even in the little things. So, I hope you enjoy my blog. I’m a natural nerd and I like to write, so here’s to something!



Musings of a young widow.